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Born in United Kingdom on February 22, 1984. a 3rd daughter and sister  for natalie and marie we are blessed with yet another beautiful girl.

1989 aged 5years  started swimming for the Asthma Society gained a trophy for competition such a strong swimmer even at this young age.

1990 started gymnastics she really enjoyed this.

1992 a baby brother Scott for gemma and her sisters

2000 Millenium year finished school/ started 6th form college

2001 left College Gained a diploma in Beauty Therapy at the London School Of Beauty.
2002 passed her driving test could'nt wait to start to drive
2003 owned her first car "Smarty" a red and black smart car Gem and Alan enjoyed many days in marty numerous trips to "Lakeside shopping" to Starbucks (a favourite of alan's) drove to a relative of Alan's wedding "Clacton" gemma did'nt mind where she drove, a weekend away with Alan to Cambridge, "Marty one of the love's of her life!

2003/4 Gemma got a lot more involved in  the promotional work for Cousin Luke organising various gigs at various venue's over the country making logo's on the computer then printing them onto t'shirts (black t'shirts pink logo's ) she always wore the t'shirt at the gigs along with all the supporters,  she owned her own record label and designed websites "Music Gems greatest love"

Passed away on December 01, 2004 at the age of 20.
you fought so hard for 3 days to stay with us gemma but sadly the injury to your head was just so bad, the hospital could not have fought harder to save you and you recovered from 3 cardiac arrests whilst in theatre  the last one was just too much for your heart, so i know you tried to stay everyone including the nurses and surgeons were just as upset as we all were because you were so young they tried as hard as they could to revive you and for that i will be eternally grateful it is so hard for us as until the accident you was as fit and healthy as I yet in a split second you had such devestating injuries.

 being the passenger you are the responsibility of the driver and  until we have all the facts i will always blame the driver for your death,  it was not you that crashed into other cars  it was the driver,  we were told that you may have been bending forward changing a c.d or seeing to your bag when the driver hit the vehicle in front.
 never the less this does not take away the fact that the driver was at fault as in our eyes he has killed you and yes people will say he has to "live with that for the rest of his life" but at least he is living you are not and never will nothing in this world can chage that.
i hope now gemma you are at peace.
Gemma a picture of health when she left the house for a xmas shopping trip with a work colleague on saturday 27th November 2004 "bye mum see you later" little did i know these would be the last words from my beloved daughter
in the early hours of the 28th a knock at the door from the police we were informed that Gemma had been seriously injured in a road traffic accident we were taken immediately to the hospital where Gemma was unconscious and on a ventilator as her lung had collapsed, she had already been to theatre and we were told her head injuries were so severe she needed to be transferred to a specialist hospital in central london. she fought to survive until 1st Dec 04 when sadly she lost her fight. we all felt so numb, how come gemma a passenger in the car was so severely injured yet the driver walked away  with no injuries we will never understand.
23rd march 2005
 finally we heard what really happened that fateful night,the driver showed no remorse  or even said sorry! i felt like i wanted to kill him and never took my eyes off of him we were spared the details from the pathologist and the verdict was accidental death just as we had expected.

Police are to prosecute the driver  for "driving without due care and attention" there again no mention of the loss of life where is the justice! whatever happens to him probably just a fine big deal! we will have to live with the loss of our daughter,sister,soulmate and friend for the rest of our lives, so many lives affected because of the incompetence of one person i will never forgive him for as long as i live, the evidence we heard today just proves what we have said all along.   
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